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XENOS is a collective that specializes in creating, organizing and executing events in Berlin‘s nightlife. When it came to designing the brand, it was especially important to capture the spirit and atmosphere of their events, which take place between gritty techno and more experimental electro sound.

The same peculiar atmosphere should be felt on the website, where the user may come into contact with the brand for the first time and where he can find out everything he needs to know about the next events.

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October 2021 - December 2021
Culture and Nightlife

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The signature illustration of a dinosaur adorns most of the brand‘s assets and has a strong recognition value. It is supported by a dark purple that enriches the strange and nocturnal atmosphere.

In addition to the strong character illustration and typography elements, the layout of the assets such the website is minimalistic and clean (and yet unique) to avoid cluttering.

The logo consists of customized typography. The wordmark contains font elements of different geographic origins, which seem strange and mysterious. At the same time, it is geometric and strict, referencing the industrial music that XENOS primarily promotes.

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